We should inspire people with our words and images; be honest, friendly and open; and energise with our enthusiasm!


The values we have identified haven’t just been plucked out of the air – they are the core of the Lakes & Dales, representative of the people and businesses here, and recognised by visitors and tourists.

But these values are not supposed to be used as a slogan – instead, they should inform how we write, what we say and help to guide our actions.

Living and working in the Lakes & Dales is nothing short of an adventure. Our environment and people are stimulating.


A new generation of thriving startups is laying the foundations for exciting and modern ways of working and collaborating.

Don’t be boring! You inspire people when you excite them with possibilities, through words and pictures, talking about success stories and events!

People make a place and because we’re not a sprawling metropolis the individuals who live and work here have a different outlook on life.


You could say our environment has shaped us. There’s an honesty to how we approach things. We’re welcoming and unpretentious – we keep it real and have no time for the flashy or pompous.

We’re down to earth here, so communicate with no fluff or ceremony. You are lucky to live and work in the Lakes & Dales, and your natural enthusiasm is enough.

They say that if you want to feel rejuvenated in the Lakes & Dales, all you have to do is step outside.


From the active arts scene to the jaw-dropping countryside, this place stirs the soul. You want invigorating? You got it. Yes, the grass really is greener in the Lakes & Dales.

You can’t tell someone to be energised. You can only energise yourself, and let people catch it from you. Be enthused about what you’re saying. Let it spread like a smile.

Think you’ve got it?

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